At the IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship, we are lawyers, advocates, and boosters for low-income entrepreneurs in Chicago.  We believe that entrepreneurs in Chicago should be free to follow their dreams, to innovate, to create jobs for themselves and others, and to serve their customers in the best way they know how. In the days to come, we know that many of the people we serve will be struggling to make ends meet. We created this website so Chicagoans can support the entrepreneurs and small businesses that make our city what it is, even while shopping from home.

If you’re a small business owner, you probably have lots of questions about how you can operate today and how you can plan for the future. We are providing information on the changing legal landscape for businesses operating during the pandemic, which you can find at www.ij.org/COVID19resources

Find out more about the IJ Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School. 


The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship is collecting information for shopinplacechi.org from small business owners and their loyal customers all over Chicago.  Facts on the ground change daily for small businesses. The IJ Clinic is not responsible for the accuracy of the information here, and we are not making any claims about what kinds of products, services, and modes of delivery comply with the city and state shelter-in-place orders. The IJ Clinic is not making any representations or claims about the COVID-19 prevention practices of the businesses listed here. Our hope is that all users of this site join together to support each other and keep each other safe, whenever we can.