Barbara’s Bookstores

  201 N. Huron Street Chicago, IL 60611 (Directions)

Just call our Chicago bookstore at Northwestern Memorial, Monday through Friday. If your selections are in stock, we will pull your books and make sure you can pick them up the same day. CHICAGO NWM Hospital: M-F 10a-5p Phone Orders and Curbside Pickup | 312.926.2665

The first Barbara’s Bookstore opened on Wells Street in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood in 1963. It was a large, shambling, literary bookstore with creaky wood floors and dust dating back to the early 1950s. The closest thing we had to a computer was a plug-in cash register, pen and paper, and a staff that knew every book in the store by heart.

The retail book industry has changed dramatically in the five decades since Barbara’s beginnings. Along the way, we discovered that Barbara’s could coexist with the huge national chains and thrive by finding unique locations and creating personal, full-service stores where you don’t expect to find them.

Barbara’s is owned by Don Barliant and Jan Bailey.


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