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  620 Grove St. Evanston, IL 60201 (Directions)

Becky & Me Toys has a comprehensive website through which you can order. You can also call and place phone orders. Orders can be picked up curbside (call us and we’ll put it in your trunk) or delivered locally. Orders over $50 are delivered free (under $50 have a $5 delivery fee). See our local delivery page for areas included: https://www.beckyandmetoys.com/read/40/in-store-pickup-and-local-delivery
Also, check out “Social Distancing Week of Fun Packs” for all ages!

Becky & Me Toys is a family owned toy store, founded in 2002 by Peggy Sebert and her daughter, Becky. Peggy is a former teacher with 15 years classroom experience in pre-school to 3rd grade. Becky is currently a kindergarten teacher.

It has been said that “play is the work of children.” Through play children acquire knowledge and develop skills. They satisfy emotional and social needs. They learn about themselves and their relationship to the immediate environment and to the wider world. Quality play is stimulated and enhanced by quality toys and materials. In an electronics-oriented society, Becky & Me Toys is committed to encouraging play that is real (not virtual), that is active and creative, and that is focused on the concerns, ideas and interests of children. They try out the toys, play the games, and read the books before bringing them into the store. They are constantly looking for new companies and products that have value for children. They love to provide personal service to help you find the perfect gifts for kids of all ages.

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