Bella Noir Teas LLC

  Chicago, IL 60637 (Directions)

Herbal Tea blends both bottled and loose leaf, are the primary focus of Bella Noir Teas, however, plenty is planned for the future. This includes vegan food/snacks, tinctures, herbal wines & elixirs, herbal lollipops/candies, lemon balm stress relief candies and much more!

​Bella Noir Teas LLC is a family owned handcrafted tea business where a variety of herbs are combined to sustain overall health and wellness. Our business is run exclusively by myself, my husband and our daughters, ages 8 and 10. The company is named after our eldest daughter, Isabella Noori, who will one day inherit the business.

Bella Noir Teas encourages all to learn as much as they can about herbs and their healing attributes. As a family, we are continuously fine tuning our plant knowledge by creating different herbal blends/ remedies, gardening and encouraging our daughters to bring their own research findings to the table.

As natural healers we feel obligated to share our knowledge, ideas, foods and teas with the world. We are actively combatting viruses everyday crafting herbal remedies and teas that will aid the body in fighting off sickness and build healthy immune systems.

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