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Exotic Scents of Mind

  5532 S Indiana Ave Chicago, IL 60637 (Directions)

All products are 100% organic and cruelty free. We are a one stop shop with men’s grooming and skincare, infant skincare, body butters and balms, haircare, pain relief, eczema care, handpoured cleansing bars, antibacterial lotions, hand sanitizers, exfoliating scrubs, natural deordorants, linen sprays and more! All products are formulated with a dual purpose in mind. We will deliver within thr city limits.

Our brand was established out of necessity when the founder was stricken with a skin fungus after she was poisoned by her gallbladder. After years of failed attempts with conventional medicine and the frustration of having to forfeit the skincare that she loved. She is now an herbalist who formulates organic, holistic and cruelty free options that heal for the entire family. Our brand targets and heals conditions of the skin and hair with simplistic use. We also specialize in skin detox and pain relief. Our goal is to provide gentle options that people need and love that eliminate the need to choose so that people with sensitive skin due to eczema, diabetes etc. can have their cake and eat it too!

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