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Get in the Kitchen

  3617 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60613 (Directions)

We are offering our Gift Cards for future cooking parties as well as a full suite of culinary, happy hour and gift items in our online store!

We are the Party School of cooking classes! It doesn’t matter if you know how to cook, want to know how to cook or couldn’t give a flying fork about cooking, you’re gonna have a darn tootin’ good time no matter what! We do things like Kooking & Karaoke, Dinner & Dancing Lessons, Cooking & Comedy, Cooking & Queens and Cooking & Magic Shows! We always pair fun stuff with cooking because… why not?? Other cooking schools are stuffy and focused on technique and gourmet cuisine. Here at Get in the Kitchen! we say “fork that shitake mushroom and let’s have some fun!” So, come on over, bring your favorite bottle of wine, spirit or even a freakin’ keg for all we care. Relax, help us cook a great meal and have an amazingly fun night out at one of our cooking parties.

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