Haji Healing Salon

  746 E 79th Street Chicago, Il 60619 (Directions)

Sixteen regular weekly yoga and movement classes
Two Mental Wellness Support Groups with a licensed Psychotherapist
Two weekly Meditation classes
Two weekly REST (Deep Guided Relaxation) classes
A Rotating Roster of Saturday Salon Sessions (workshops) teaching the various elements of the healing lifestyle.
Sunday Remote Reiki Healing, Shamonic Counseling, Tarot + Astrology Counseling and more.
A new 3-tier membership model for online classes:
Support :: $29/Heal :: $49/Sustain :: $69

Aya-Nikole Cook is the owner and wellness curator at Haji Healing Salon, a social wellness enterprise that centers and prioritizes the wellness needs of BBIPOC on the south side of Chicago. By offering high-quality, alternative wellness services and mindfulness practices at low cost in the heart of Chatham, HHS aims to contribute to an over-arching landscape of peace, seeded one healing person at time. Local teachers, healers and mystics are united in supporting folks in making healing a lifestyle. While closed due to Corona Virus, our physical space is warm and inviting with a palpable, pulsating healing energy all who enter can feel. The new “Virtual Salon” has a similar quality and manages to be all abuzz with vibrant community, moving through 22 regular healing lifestyle classes. Now more than ever, we believe Yoga + Mindfulness schools are essential business. In these spaces we train ourselves to be observant, to build strength but know when to yield, to soften without surrender and to turn the poison of our lives into medicine. As a business and as a community, we will continue doing what we have TRAINED ourselves to do: accept, allow and adapt to all that lies ahead.

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Health & Wellness; Yoga, Mental Health, & Physical Activities
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