Lincoln Park

Heybiill Personal Training (Virtual)

  Chicago, IL 60614 (Directions)

During this time, Billy is offering Personal Training Assessments (Virtual), Personal Training (Virtual), Couples Training (Virtual), and Online Programming.

In order to write the best program for everyone, Billy takes each client through a Personal Training Assessment using video communication. During this assessment, Billy assesses clients’ health history, including past injuries and chronic health conditions, and also screens a series of bodyweight movement patterns to identify and treat muscular tightness, weakness, and movement compensations. The cost of the Training Assessment is $105, and the Online Programming is $105/month.

These online programs are interactive, meaning Billy can easily track his clients progress, give feedback, hold them accountable, and progress their routines as needed. No equipment required!

Billy has specialties in:
-Muscular Balance and Corrective Exercise
-Functional Movement and Weight Training
-Calisthenics and Balance
-Whole Foods Sports Nutrition and Weight loss
-Injury Rehab and Pain
-Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Recovery
-Percussive Therapy and Myofascial Release

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Gym and Physical Training
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Live Video, Online
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