Molly Coeling | Therapeutic Massage & Reiki

  Chicago, IL 60640 (Directions)

We currently offer remote Reiki sessions and will soon be offering online Reiki training. In Molly’s remote Reiki sessions, she offers the option to add in verbal guidance and mindfulness work throughout the session, as well as an audio file of the session that can be sent to clients after the session for continued and unlimited use. Reiki training will share Reiki meditation and self-healing techniques, Reiki precepts and history and protocols for sharing hands-on healing with others.

The four-person team at Molly Coeling | Therapeutic Massage & Reiki normally offers massage therapy sessions, Reiki sessions (in-person and remote), and sessions that combine both techniques. We are trauma-informed and believe that that embodiment is one of the greatest gifts of bodywork, as it leads to healing at our deepest – and often most neglected – levels.

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