North Lawndale

Pixie Dust Salts

  1513 S Trumbull Ave, # 2 CHICAGO, IL 606232161 (Directions)

We have many flavors to choose from:
Mediterranean Citrus
Lemon Thyme
Rosemary Sage
Thai Ginger Lemongrass
*Shittake Cremini
*Jalapeño Lime
*currently available only at Farmer’s Markets

Pixie Dust Salts are small-batch, hand-cured culinary sea salts for people for love to cook–and especially those who like to eat! This woman-owned business is a proud resident of North Lawndale. We source our ingredients from growers on the West Side and always seek to know our farmers. Our salts made with only fresh ingredients and our curing process produces naturally flavorful salts perfect for both veteran chefs and amateur home cooks!

Product Types
Food; Grocery Stores & Farms
Fulfillment Options
Curbside Pick-Up, Online, Pick-Up at Grocery Store or Farmers Market
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