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  5757 North Ridge Avenue Chicago, IL 60660 (Directions)

We have transitioned our entire business and members to an online workout format, where you get 1-on-1 coaching, virtual classes, social hours, and many other resources. As a result of the more personal touch, we have actually ramped up hours for a few coaches and hired 2 more to accommodate the needs we have in this situation.

At PXM, we believe that constant growth is what makes us better. Without exposure, growth is not possible. Let us guide you through a different and transformative experience by reshaping your relationship with fitness. Find out what you are #PoweredBy with us!

We also are making sure to serve the community. We have transitioned our Yoga online and made it FREE for anyone who signs-up (link This runs M-F 8a. We also have kids’ class activities 2x/week (T/Th 10a) to help offload parents who need activities for their children while CPS is closed, also for free (link

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Health & Wellness; Yoga, Mental Health, & Physical Activities
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