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Soulfelt Candles

  Chicago, IL 60642 (Directions)

Currently having a Black Friday sale going on until Saturday at 12pm CST! Candles are available as low as $9

Free domestic shipping for orders $75 and up with code “FREESOULFELT”

Soulfelt is owned by Alexa Diego (@lexafernn), a Latinx woman living in Chicago, IL who takes pride in creating products that bring people together and create community through the experience of both sound and scent. My candles are handpoured with soy wax that derives from vegetables, is vegan-friendly, non-toxic, and free of impurities. My soy wax is also meant to produce less soot and create longer lasting candle burning time. Every candle is crafted with the thought of a olfactory-auditory experience in mind, meaning that the scent is curated in response to how the song that inspired that candle makes me feel, and hopefully is felt by people who buy my candles.

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