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The Wishcraft Workshop

  3907 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60618 (Directions)

We’ve created online Play-Alongs to bring issues of our digital magazine into homes for 1 hr/day 4 days/wk to playfully prevent learning slide and give parents time to focus. The magazine, The Yellow Canoe, was created with a simple mission: build creative capability, grow artists unafraid to experiment, grow thinkers unafraid to take a risk and grow citizens ready to self-advocate and support one another. We’re adding new offerings each week. We also sell gift certificates and merchandise.

At Wishcraft Workshop®, children grow their creative voice with differentiated after-school and day camp experiences in the arts, sciences and social-emotional skills, building the capability and compassion needed to create opportunity and solve problems big and small, globally and locally. We play with wave-length and stitch-length, flexibility and miscibility, automation and celebration, parallelism and pointillism, citizenship and artisanship… We learn with open-ended projects of our own design (no stickers or pre-fab here; it starts with art), get kinda messy, make new friends and know every child by name.

We are a usually a team of 7 (2 FT/5PT) and are temporarily down to 2. We’ve pivoted toward digital to be supportive of kids and families at home and hope this allows to bring staff back ASAP. We are independent and family-owned. Some of our employees were previously our students (we’ve been open almost 12 years) and we’re proud of our close, creative community.

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