Touchpoints: Cuddles And Community

  Foster & Damen Chicago, IL 60625 (Directions)

I’m currently offering discounted virtual connection sessions. Email to schedule a free consultation.

○ We can share meaningful conversation, so that you feel really seen (I have some good question games).
○ We can work on your boundaries
○ I can listen as you share your fears/ concerns

Follow Touchpoints on social media for videos about love & connection and live virtual events such as meditations and boundary workshops

Shawn Coleman, the face of Touchpoints: Cuddles and Community, is from Baton Rouge, La and is passionate about promoting authentic connection, love, and compassion. Shawn serves the community as a platonic touch practitioner, cuddle event facilitator, and boundaries coach. As a longterm organizer in the queer community, Shawn has facilitated nearly 50 cuddle events specifically for Queer Women/ Trans Folx/ Non-binary Folx.

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Health & Wellness; Yoga, Mental Health, & Physical Activities
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