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Vivant Gardening Services

  1851 W Cuyler Ave Chicago, IL 60613 (Directions)

A Special Offer for Gardeners Sheltering in Place:

You have questions. We have answers! While we cannot come to you, we can still help you in your garden projects! For $25, you will get 25 mins of Garden Q&A time with our owner Kasey Eaves via phone, Zoom or FaceTime (whatever works).

Buy a session for yourself, give it as a gift to a gardener you know, and support a local small business in the process.

Vivant Gardening Services helps you achieve your garden goals.
​Whether its growing organic edibles, planting a rooftop, maintaining a more sustainable landscape or simply getting more done– our passionate, personable gardeners will lend a helping hand.

Product Types
Professional Services; Skill Trades, Construction, & Landscaping
Fulfillment Options
Gift Cards, Live Video, Online
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