Volton Electric Bicycles

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A variety of ready to ride electric bicycles, delivered to your door professionally assembled and tuned during during this unfortunate situation.

Volton Bicycles was founded in Chicago, Illinois in 2011.
Our vision is to establish Volton electric bicycles as a simple and affordable alternative method of transportation. Whether you are a daily commuter, a student, a delivery person, rehabilitating an injury, or are just looking for a fun, new way to explore the great outdoors, we are passionate about developing and providing electric bicycles for you to use as a exhilarating alternative of mobility.
Volton bicycle models are purpose-built for strength, responsive riding and long life. Our component kits are carefully selected for performance and ease of maintenance. And our prices allow any rider to experience a well-designed machine to get them active and enjoy bicycle riding.

Joe Marchfield

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