Wicker Park

Wixter Market

  2110 W Division St Chicago, IL 60622 (Directions)

Frozen seafood is one of the safest products to buy during this time because freezing seafood kills all bacteria, it’s healthy and lasts for a long time.

Wixter’s Jose Gourmet and La Brujula lines of conservas (packed tinned fish) are high-quality, versatile and can be eaten on a cracker or incorporated into everyday recipes including tuna melts, sandwiches, and seafood pastas! (preservative, colorant, and additive free, allowing consumers to enjoy seafood all year long)

Wixter Market is a boutique seafood shop specializing in super frozen, flash frozen, and tinned fish product from around the world.

Wixter Market is the result of founder/owner Matt Mixter’s passion stemming from years of high-end seafood procurement. “Frozen at the peak of freshness” is based on Mixter’s longstanding relationships with some of the most sophisticated seafood companies around the world.

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Food; Other
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Curbside Pick-Up, Phone Orders
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